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Heat Pumps

NuTone heat pumps work hard to control the temperature in your home, year round.

For homeowners in mild climates, a NuTone heat pump can provide exceptional cooling AND heating power. These systems are able to warm up your home during the colder months. For utility savings, pair your all-electric heat pump system with a gas furnace. When temperatures drop below freezing, your gas furnace will light up and heat your home. However, when your gas furnace isn’t operating, your heat pump will be able to provide adequate heating power.

Not only can you save energy by pairing your heat pump with a gas furnace, but you can also depend on your heat pump system to operate at low noise levels. The composite base pan, swept wing fan blade and compressor sound blanket (in 16 SEER and iQ Drive® units) all assist in quiet operation.

By selecting specific benefits from the filters on the left, you can choose the system that comes with all of the features you want. You can also talk to your local NuTone heat pump specialist to get a quote for the heat pump system you want, or find out about rebates and incentives in your area.

NuTone iQ Drive Heat Pump NuTone Heat Pump NuTone Packaged Heat Pump Heater NuTone Economical Heat Pump
Ultra-high efficiency and extremely quiet. Extra-high efficiency cooling and heating in a very quiet model. Extra-high efficiency packaged heat pump with two stages for superior home comfort. Extra-high efficiency cooling and heating.
NuTone Packaged Heat Pump NuTone iHybrid Gas Pack Dual Fuel Packaged Heat Pump NuTone Heat Pump NuTone Economical Heat Pump
High-efficiency convertible footprint packaged heat pump. Our best packaged system. Extra-high efficiency with gas and electric heat for ultimate energy savings. High-efficiency cooling and heating. High-efficiency cooling and heating.
NuTone Heat Pump NuTone Packaged Heat Pump Heater NuTone Packaged Heat Pump Heater
Reliable, budget-friendly cooling and heating. Single-packaged heat pump with reliable heating and cooling in a small footprint. Reliable packaged heat pump in a large footprint.
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