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NuTone Ultra-Violet, Dual-Process Light System
NuTone UV Lights

NuTone Ultra-Violet, Dual-Process Light System

  • Purifies an Entire Home: This system kills live airborne microbes by using the potent, UVC germicidal action of the UV band wave.
  • Doesn't Require Frequent Bulb Changes: This system only requires a bulb change one time each year.
  • Cleanses Multiple Ways: This purifier works two ways: It actively kills and controls airborne microorganisms while also cleansing air of harmful or noxious airborne gases.
  • Incredibly Effective: Using proprietary germicidal cleansing action reflective technology (GCA), this unit is able to significantly increase ultra-violet efficiency. It intensifies the UV germicidal action by up to 90 percent.

Our NuTone Ultraviolet Dual Process Light System improves indoor air quality by purifying the air. This system destroys everything from bacteris to yeasts and treats airborne gases that could interfere with your health and home comfort. Ask your contractor about adding this IAQ product to your indoor home heating and cooling system.

Product Code: UV-DP
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Warranty Info
  • 1 year parts warranty.
  • If installed as part of a matched system, assumes the system warranty.
  • Product registration required

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