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To Repair or Replace an Old Unit? Replacing an Old Unit Has Numerous Benefits.

Replace your old hvac unit with a newer model

An average furnace can keep running for around 20 years. However, will it be running efficiently for that amount of time? A system that you've had for around 15 years may not be running at top efficient levels and may no longer be covered by your warranty. It may be time to replace this old system with one that is new and more energy efficient. Some benefits of a new system include:

  • Higher Levels of Efficiency. That system that you have had for years may have started out at lower levels of efficiency than a top-of-the-line, modern system. Those furnaces built before 1994 were generally only rated between 60% to 70% efficiency. A new, modern system can be rated up to 97% efficiency. What does a higher efficiency level mean for you? You can save money on your utility bills from month-to-month.
  • Noise Levels. A new system is quieter than an old, clunky system.
  • Long Warranty. Not only will a new furnace be highly efficient, it will also give you the option of receiving premium coverage with the NuTone long parts warranty. This warranty covers your NuTone furnace for up to 10 years.

NuTone's smart furnace solutions are engineered to meet the highest standards in quality. In addition, they come with exceptional peace of mind with our 10-year warranty and Quality Pledge. We also offer high-quality, energy-efficient air conditioning, including the highest-rated, energy-efficient air conditioner, We also offer high-quality, energy-efficient air conditioning, including one of the highest-rated, energy-efficient air conditioners - the FS4BI.

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