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Contractor Product Warranty

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Curb Labor Costs by Purchasing a Contractorsí Preferred Protection Plan

Repairing your heating and air system can be costly. HVAC systems are your most expensive appliance. When replacing your old system with a brand new NuTone air conditioner, you can add increased comfort to your home and better performance. However, even with proper, routine maintenance, you can end up paying for labor costs when you need to make repairs to keep your system running properly.

Your NuTone system will come with a parts warranty; however, it will not include the labor costs that come with having to replace a part or servicing the system. Purchasing a Contractorsí Preferred Protection Plan can save you money on those unexpected expenses. These are costs that can be sudden and unbudgeted.

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The parts warranty on NuTone products do not include labor costs associated with a service call. Because labor can be expensive, you may recover the money spent on the labor protection plan after just one service call.

In North America, average hourly rates for an HVAC technician can range from $75 to $150. The cost of the NuTone labor protection plan can be made up after one service call. Donít be left paying for the labor costs when you need to repair your system.

Read the Contractorsí Preferred Protection Plan brochure to learn more about this plan.

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Make sure to ask your contractor about warranty options. Not all NuTone contractors offer the Contractorsí Preferred Protection Plan. Look for the shield icon on the dealer locator to choose a contractor who does offer this labor protection plan.

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