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Smart NuTone iHybrid units are efficient, quiet and eco-friendly.

During your heating and air conditioning system search, you should discover the benefits of a high-efficiency iHybrid system. This innovative unit combines heat pump and gas pack technology in one packaged unit. When temperatures drop, your gas furnace will have to power on. However, for the most part your iHybrid unit will use your heat pump to heat and cool your home - reducing your gas fuel consumption.

Each unit is factory checked 72 times before being sent to your home, ensuring best practices were used to construct the unit and that the unit meets the highest quality standards. This unit is constructed with durable components, such as the galvanized steel jacket, and with features geared at lowering noise levels - like the compressor sound blanket.

Talk to your local NuTone contractor about an ecoLogic® iHybrid system. Find your local contractor by exploring the dealer locator.

NuTone Packaged Heat Pump NuTone iHybrid Gas Pack Dual Fuel Packaged Heat Pump
High-efficiency convertible footprint packaged heat pump. Our best packaged system. Extra-high efficiency with gas and electric heat for ultimate energy savings.
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