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iQ Drive systems are unique. As a result, they require factory training before installation. Make sure your NuTone dealer has completed the training and is iQ Drive certified.

NuTone iQ Drive air conditioners, heat pumps and gas furnaces are the ultimate home comfort system. These high-end systems use inverter technology, which was developed to be extremely efficient and very quiet. Here's how NuTone iQ Drive systems work:

Modulating inverter-rotary technology. The NuTone iQ Drive air conditioner and heat pump utilize inverter technology to convert the electrical current from AC to DC. In doing so, the systems almost infinitely vary the compressor and fan speed motors. You'll also see this technology in Asian mini-split systems. Introduced in 2006, the iQ Drive air conditioner is the first ducted application of this technology for a typical North American residence.

Always running. iQ Drive air conditioning and heat pump systems are different in that they are almost always running at a low level. The air conditioner and heat pump can modulate anywhere from 40% to 118% of capacity, instantly adjusting to exactly offset the demands on the home. Because these units do not cycle on and off like a traditional system, they save a considerable amount of energy and reduce noise levels. In fact, sound ratings are 59-72 decibels, the lowest in the industry.

The NuTone iQ Drive fully modulating gas furnace operates from 50% to 100% of capacity through the gas valve, and then as low as 15% of capacity by using time proportioning through the patent-pending controller. The system analyzes the indoor temperature once every 60 seconds and adjusts its percentage of firing accordingly. The three-phase motor makes the furnace exceptionally quiet.

Dehumidification mode. The iQ Drive air conditioning and heat pump system deliver whole-home comfort, in part, through a dehumidification mode function. In very humid climates such as Alabama and Florida, you may still want a separate dehumidification system, but for average- to low-humidity areas, iQ Drive can provide an excellent source of humidity control.

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